7 Easy Ideas For More Romantic Camping

Many people will think romance and camping don’t mix. Camping is not the most clean of activities and does not seem to have some of the instant appeal of a top restaurant or flying off to Paris or New York for the weekend. But there are things you can do to that can make for romantic camping. And one of the attractions is that you can enjoy it without breaking the bank.

Here are 7 ideas to add some romance into your camping:

1.    Go Glamping

Glamping or luxury camping is a different sort of camping where you say good bye to the idea of roughing it. The accommodation is in luxurious yurts, tipis or safari tents. These can include full size beds with inner sprung mattresses and everything else but in a tent style accommodation but still out in the great outdoors. So this makes an attractive option for a nice cozy getaway for two.

There are a number of different places but you could try Yellowstone Under Canvas in Montana near the Yellowstone National Park with quiet secluded sites, beautiful views, a restaurant and luxury accommodation by way of a tipi or safari tent with private bathrooms.

2.    Avoid arguments

As with any trip you want to avoid disputes, so it is good to agree upfront what you are going to do on your getaway for two. However, one of the things that can really result in friction in a relationship is putting up the tent when it is the first time you have done it, is at the campground and to make it even worse you have go there late. So to avoid this potential “splitter-upperer” have a trial run and put the tent up in your backyard before you leave and allow plenty of time for your journey there.

3.    Take A Walk

Hiking or walking is one of the obvious pleasures that you can do when camping. With romance being part of the idea you don’t want something to strenuous – more a pleasant stroll than climbing a mountain. A walk to a waterfall (you could stay at Niagara Falls – the camp site is about 6 miles away –so might include a bit of driving too) or maybe Fort Lauderdale Florida along the promenade.  A pleasant stroll around a lake or along a beach is probably more what is wanted.

4.    Picturesque scenery

When you go camping there are plenty of fantastic places you can choose from to get a beautiful outlook while you sit around enjoying your meal or campfire. Yosemite has some of the most beautiful scenery. I always think being near water is a great setting, so look for somewhere that includes a lake.

5.    Privacy

Being in secluded area is something you’ll want to spend time with your significant other. There are many campsites around that can offer this to you. Yosemite can be a great place for this; even though it is popular you can get sites that offer you privacy. You could take a look at Lake Durant Campground in NY, that offers great views of the Blue Mountains and private campsites in the forested campground.

6.    Setting the Mood

One of the time honored methods of setting the mood is with candles. These are great when you are inside a building or if outside where they are protected from the wind. A campfire can help with this when you are outside under the stars. But candles aren’t a good idea when camping because of the possibility of your tent and other stuff catching fire. So instead you can bring along LED tea lights to help to set the scene.

7.    Good Food

Having a tasty meal is one of the main factors in enjoying your getaway for 2. The key when camping is to have some simple recipes to follow as you don’t want to spend all your time cooking or waiting for the meal to be ready.  A good meal is always finished up with a scrumptious dessert.  Something like s’mores is hard to beat for taste and ease of making – you only need chocolate, marshmallows and crackers and you are set.

These 7 ideas will help your romantic camping trip go as planned. As with all camping the trip will be more successful if you do a little planning in the beginning and have some alternatives if the weather doesn’t play its part.

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