Backyard Camping Tips

backyard camping ideas Backyard camping is a fun and entertaining way to spend some time as a family. It is fairly easy to get sorted, you don’t need too much gear and you don’t have to travel very far.  It’s a great way to introduce your kids or someone else to the idea of camping. It kind of eases them into it and anyone else that isn’t sure they’ll like it.

Here are some tips and ideas to make camping in the backyard a memorable experience.

Equipment you’ll need:

Tent – You’ll want to find a nice flat spot to set up your tent. If you don’t have a tent you can use a couple of tarps and some rope. Tie the rope between two trees and sling one of the tarps over the rope and weigh down the corners. Use the second tarp as your groundsheet.

Sleeping bag – you want to stay warm at night. But you don’t have to have sleeping bags you can use other bedding instead. For added comfort you might consider a sleeping pad or airbed or air mattress.

Table – a picnic table or patio table for eating your camp food and for playing card games or board games if you so wish.

Fire pit or bbq or chiminea – A camping experience isn’t complete without a campfire to sit around or cook over. Depending on where you live you may not be able to build a real campfire but you can use either a portab le fire pit or chiminea or may be a portable bbq as a substitute. You’ll need to collect some firewood

Flashlight –this is important for getting around and for any trips needed back to the house after it goes dark.

Insect Repellent – Those bugs get everywhere and this will help to keep them from biting you and your kids to death.

Backyard Campout Activities

Water Games – You can always get the hose out and spray the kids and get a kiddie pool for them to play in.

Preparing The Camp – You can involve your children in setting up camp. They can help with the tent and getting the campfire going providing they are properly supervised.

Campfire Cooking – This is always great fun. With your sticks you can cook burgers, sausages, corn on the cob over the flames. And after you finish there is everyone’s favorite camping deserts – s’mores. Or if you like here are some easy campfire recipes you can try.

After Night Falls there is -

Play Flashlight Tag – You want an area away from street lights for this to work. Each player has a flashlight and they run around trying to shine the light on the other players

Graveyard Ghost – One person plays the ghost. The other players try to find the ghost and once the ghost is found everyone rushes back to base while the ghost tries to catch them. If caught you become one of the ghosts. You carry on until there is only one ghost finder left.

Stargazing – Here again you need to be away from the light for the best view of the stars. Lie down and look up at the stars and see what constellations you can recognize or make up your own and tell stories about them.

Campfire Songs – A campfire is the perfect place for singing. (You do need to be mindful of the neighbors). If you can’t remember any of your old favorites like – She’ll be coming round the mountain or Oh my darling Clementine or you don’t like those ones you can find plenty on the internet.

Scary Stories – Or any stories will always be a favorite around a campfire. If you want you can do some research and tell some stories about the history of your local area.

Backyard camping is a fun activity that you can do with all the family. It can incorporate some of the activities and adventure of actual camping but without the travel and being far away from home comforts.

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