Beach Camping Tips – To Make The Most Of Your Stay

beach camping - fire and guitar

Camping at the beach gives you the chance to enjoy all the beach has to offer. You can do things like explore the beach, soak up the sun, frolic in the sea, surf, canoe, snorkel and at night enjoy sitting around a campfire. Being at the beach has got to be one of most fun things you can do. There is no need to pack up at the end of the day and it is a much more affordable way to have a beach vacation too.

To make the most of your stay at the beach here are some beach camping tips to help you plan your trip:

Before going to the beach and pitching your tent, check to see that you are permitted to camp on the beach.  There are many places that do not allow beach camping for safety reasons, environmental and/or wildlife protection.

Check the regulations before you decide on where you are going to camp. There are often rules as to what you can do. Some of the common restrictions are: where you can camp, whether you can have campfires, bottles not permitted, restricted vehicle access and so on.

Most campgrounds will let you know where you can set up camp. In other areas, check the layout of the land. You want to pitch your tent above the high tide mark – you don’t want to find yourself being washed away or worse. Also look for trees and shrubs to provide protection from the sun and wind. The sun can be pretty unrelenting , especially if your tent is in an exposed area.

Before pitching your tent remove any sticks and rocks for a more comfortable sleep. If you are camping on sand you are going to need special tent stakes for sand, as normal pegs will not stay in the ground. For smaller tents you can use bags filled with sand to hold your guy ropes in place. You can also tie them to rocks and sticks and bury them in the sand to provide the necessary support. A dome tent, is one of the best types of tent for sand as they are self supporting

Plan your camping games and activities around the beach. There is a wide range of activities you can do at the beach – swimming, snorkeling, build sandcastles, “bury dad”, beach volleyball, surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing, kite flying etc.

Be safe. Follow the warning signs on the beach. Understand the swimming restrictions on where to swim. Apply plenty of sunscreen as sun reflects off the sea and sand for more intense sun exposure. Be sure to keep an eye on any children around the water and also make sure you teach your children water safety.

During the day the beach can be a very warm place. But at night the temperature can drop quite a number of degrees, so pack some warm clothes such as fleece to prevent you feeling cold at night.

Sand gets everywhere. Take a long a small brush to sweep out our tent and camping gear. If you want to air your sleeping bags, do this in the tent or well away from the sand. Try to keep the tent zipper free of sand as it will ruin them. A ground cloth can help to prevent your door zipper from getting ruined by being buried in the sand. Be sure to take pans with securely closing lids to prevent your meals getting crunching.

Bugs can be a problem. Bring insect repellent and make sure your mosquito netting doesn’t have any holes in it for a comfortable night.

Drinking water. Although there is plenty of water around it will be salty. If there is no designated water you will need to bring water or bring along a water purifier that can deal with salt water.

Beach camping is all about enjoying the fun activities that the seaside has to offer and the wonderful views. Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of the experience.

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