Best Camp Games – To Make Your Family Camping Vacation More Enjoyable

hide and seek - a great camp game

Family camping vacations are great because of the great sights you come across and the activities you get up to. Camp games can provide much entertainment after you’ve finished your sightseeing and other activities for the day. They are a great way for all of the family to bond and get to enjoy each others’ company as they are something everyone can participate in.

There is wide choice of games that a family can use for camp games and most of them can get everyone involved in playing them. The best camp games can involve being on foot running around or sitting down. But one thing they have in common is that can help create an enjoyable atmosphere where everyone can relax and have fun.

Great Camp Games For Kids And Families

 Tag Games 

There are many different games of tag that families can play when they are camping. They are a great idea as it involves everyone running around after each other. Tag games normally involve someone being “it” who chases the other people in the game and transfers being the “it” when they tag someone else. They are quite a few variations to the game such as Blob Tag. This works by the person who is “it” tags another person and they join them as “it” Together they carry on to tag the others (who join them) until the last person is tagged and the game starts again with this last person being “it”.

Another version of this game is called freeze tag. As with the previous game the rules are simple. The person that is “it” goes around tagging everyone, and when a person is tagged they are to stand still or frozen. If the someone who is frozen moves they become the next “it”. If everyone stands still, then the last person to be tagged becomes the next “it”.

Hide and Seek 

This is an old favorite and is well suited for camping, because there is a lot of room to hide in. It is a fun activity for everyone to play. The person who is it, turns their back at the home base and counts to ten while the other players hide. They then go and seek the other players who are hiding, and these players have to get to the home base and avoid being caught or tagged. The first person that is caught or tagged is the next “it”. If no-one is caught then the current “it” is the “it” for another time.

Capture the Flag 

A great idea with camp games is to have two teams competing against each other and they don’t get any better than Capture the Flag A favorite of summer camp, you have 2 teams who each have their own territory. Each team has a brightly colored flag and they position it a place where it is a head height and can be seen from at least 20 yards away.  Each team then tries to capture their enemy’s flag and bring it back to their base to win the game. The opposing team defends their flag and when someone tries to capture their flag they come out from their hiding places to catch those trying to get their flag.

Rules can be agreed on what happens to the captured members – they can be eliminated for the rest of the game, or they can be put in jail to wait to be rescued. When they are rescued they are taken back to their base by the person rescuing them without being caught or else they both end up as prisoners.

 Card Games 

When night falls, it can be an ideal time to sit around the campfire for supper and tell stories – ghostly or otherwise. An alternative, if everyone is keen for more games, is to play card games that the kids can enjoy too. A popular example is Old Maid. In this game you remove one of the Queens from the deck and one of the Queens will become the Old Maid. All the cards are dealt out, and then each player discards the pairs of cards from their hand. The person left with the least cards then picks a card from the hand of person on their right and if it forms a pair they discard them. The game continues with the discarding of pairs of cards until someone is left with a Queen, the Old Maid.


Another classic camp game is charades.  Here you form two teams and have a referee who writes down a word or phrase from a category such as Movies, Celebrities, Places and so on. on paper. A team chooses a member of their team to select a phrase and then act it out. They then have a certain amount of time to guess the phrase. If they don;’t manage to do it, the other team gets a chance to guess the answer. Once you are through all the words or phrases the team with most points is the winner. In the event of a tie, the referee can act out a certain phrase and both teams can guess at the same time. The first team to guess correctly is the winner.

These games are great  for camping because they require very little in the way of equipment, which is really good because saves on space and it means you don’t have too much to carry. They’re easy to play and don’t require batteries!


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