Camp Cooking Can Be Fun

camp cooking

I think one of best parts of camping can be meal times. It’s a time to relax, enjoy tasty food and talk to your friends and family after a hard day of enjoying yourself. You can get everyone involved and if you are in a place that allows it you can indulge in some campfire cooking too.
Cooking while camping can also be a drag if you are not properly prepared, don’t have the cooking gear and you end up under-cooking or burning the food or it takes too long to prepare.

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If you are staying at a camping ground there are a number of different options for cooking, as you probably don’t have to lug your gear too far to set up camp. However, if you are hiking and going “wild” you are going to be limited by what it is practical to take.
It is possible for you take a camp stove, a portable barbeque and use a campfire to cook depending on your style of camping and the rules of the campground you are staying at.

Here are few ideas and tips to get you started on your camp cooking

There are few things that you can do to help make your camp cooking a success and they are mainly around preparation and safety. Also, camp food doesn’t have to be gourmet delight to be tasty and enjoyed by all. You can roast marshmallows (a great dessert) over the campfire, or wrap food in tin foil and cook in the embers of the fire.


-    Make a list of the cooking gear you are going to take – include things like camp stove, cooking utensils, camping grills, cookware, table and chairs, dutch oven etc
-    If you don’t have any ideas on what to cook, checkout some easy camping recipes online or from an outdoor cookbook. You want to make your life simpler, especially if you’re new to all this
-    Plan your meals before you go. This way you can know the ingredients you are going to need and make a checklist of them too. If you have the time you might be able to prepare some of them before you embark on your journey to your site. This can certainly help if you end up getting to the campground late for some reason.
-    Don’t leave any food out in the open you don’t want to leave an invite for the local wildlife to help themselves during the day or to a midnight feast.

-    As with any fire or naked flame, don’t leave your camp stove or camp fire unattended.
-    Explain the dangers of fire to children and set some easy to follow rules for their safety, such as not going near the fire without adult supervision, and if they are very young keep them away at all times.
-    Refill your camp stove away from any heat source
-    Store your refill cans and other inflammable liquids away from the heat sources too
-    Don’t use your camp stove in your tent
-    Make sure your camp stove is on even ground
-    Have some way of extinguishing the fire, if you need to leave it or if it spreads – a fire extinguisher or bucket of water will probably be all you need

When you are cooking at camp, it is a bit more involved than when you are at home, but with a little bit of planning and some common sense you can cook up some tasty meals that everyone will enjoy.  If you are camping with kids it’s a great idea to get them involved in helping you prepare the meal.

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