Campfire Cooking – A Great Reason To Go Camping

campfire cooking

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Campfire cooking is probably one of the best things about camping, after hard day of play, there is nothing better. The challenge of getting the fire started, keeping it going, making sure the food doesn’t burn and also that it is cooked through properly all adds to the fun. Once you’ve done it for more than a couple of time you are an expert.

Here are some tips and ideas for cooking on a campfire:

Campfire Location – Check that it is ok to light a campfire with the camping ground. Use a designated fire pit if the camping ground provides one as this is probably the best option. If not, look to set the fire on rocky ground or on mineral soil. Check the wind and where the sparks might be carried to and build away from dry underbrush or your tent etc.

Campfire Wood – You want to use dry seasoned firewood for a hot fire that burns easy. Green sticks from the wood will not burn that well and you’ll probably end up with just a lot of smelly smoke and not enough heat to cook your food. Many camp sites now have a supply of wood you can use, which saves hunting for it in the woods, especially as it can be in short supply.

Campfire set up – Arrange large rocks or large green logs in a u shape for the border of the fire. The logs and/or rocks also provide a support for your grill when placing it over the fire.

Campfire cooking equipment – you don’t really need a lot of equipment for cooking, but you will need some basics. Some of the basics you can have is a grill, aluminum foil and cookware and you are set. Also, keep a squirt bottle of water handy to dampen down the flames if they get too high from fat dropping down.

Cooking on a campfire – Once the fire has burnt down and you are left with hot embers you can level out the fire for cooking. One idea is to have the embers higher at the back for a hotter cooking temperature and lower at the front for a lower temperature.

There are 4 basic ways that you can cook on an open fire:

  1. Roasting – In this method you use a stick or other sort of skewer and stick the food on the end of it and hold it over the campfire to cook the food. This is great for hot dogs, kebabs and roasting marshmallows to make smores ( a family favorite)
  2. Using a grill. You can use the campfire like you would if you were barbequing at home. So it is great for burgers, sausages, shrimps, grilled chicken, pork chops etc. If you have aluminum foil you can wrap vegetables (corn on the cob is great cooked this way) and cook on the grill. You can also use cookware and cook up some baked beans or more adventurous fare.
  3. Baking in the fire. By wrapping food in tin foil you can then place it in the fire to cook like it would in an oven. Potatoes in their skins, rubbed with a little salt with a knob of butter or a little oil taste great cooked this way (can take a bit of time but are worth the wait).
  4. Dutch oven cooking. This is a popular method of cooking. There are lots of great recipes for using a Dutch oven. You can cook pizza, lasagna, cobblers and much more using this versatile method.

Hope you found this overview of campfire cooking useful. Build your fire in a safe place, using dry seasoned wood, wait for the flames to die down, have easy camping recipes to follow, get cooking and make sure to cook the food properly and you will have great experience to rival the breathtaking scenery of the wild.

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