Camping And Astronomy

astronomy and camping

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Gazing at the stars while out camping can be a real highlight of your trip. It is one of the best opportunities to get a really good clear view of the night sky. In the cities and other urban areas light pollution has really cut down on what you can see from your backyard with naked eye or with a telescope. Be sure to take a good look up at the heavens, the next time you are out camping in wild away from the street lights.

You can see a lot of stars, planets, and more by simply looking up skywards with the naked eye. You’ll be amazed at how many more you can see. There is no need to be an expert or even know what you are looking at to appreciate the beauty. It might even be a good idea to not know that much about astronomy when you start out. You can simply look up and find things for yourself. What figures and shapes do you see? Kids will enjoy finding their own constellations and between yourselves you can make up stories about them too. This makes a fun alternative to charades. Get everyone to find their own star constellations, name them, and come up with a story about them.


Then you can point out your constellations and share your story as you sit around the campfire. This is a great way to set the kids and your imagination free and enjoy the wonder of the world. If, in fact, you know the constellations and their stories, you can share your knowledge with the other people in your camping group. Prior to setting out on your trip you can check online for the constellations that will be in the night sky when you go camping.  Find a campsite with clearing that is suited for astronomy.

If the campground you have gone to has lots of other campers, it can be worthwhile going for a short hike to clearing and wait for the sun to go down. Don’t forget to take a flashlight with you, to light your way home. Be sure to check what animals are about at night. Sometimes, it can be too dangerous to be too far from your camp at night time.

When you know a bit about astronomy, it can be fun to look up at the stars as if you were in Ancient Greece or Rome. Think about what they thought of the stars and planets. Just look up and wonder and forget about what we know about them.

You can take a telescope of binoculars with you if you want to take your astronomy to a more serious level. You can find a telescope to fit just about any budget. Be sure to get one that can stand up to the rigors of camping. You’ll probably want to co-ordinate your camping trips with the night sky so certain constellations or planets can be seen. Be sure to learn how to use your telescope before you use it for the first time when camping. When it’s dark it can be pretty difficult to get the hang of using it, especially when you can’t see properly. Camping is a great time for stargazing whether you are gazing using the naked eye or using a telescope.

Its a great activity to wonder about life. It is awesome to think you are looking at the stars as they were millions of years ago and that the light has traveled millions of light years. Stargazing is one of the best camping activities for adults and kids. Camping and astronomy were made to go together. Its fun and educational too.

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