Camping Etiquette – So Everyone Can Enjoy Themselves

Camping etiquette needed - lots of tents


Camping is a great time to relax and enjoy yourself. You can unwind and get back to nature. However, just like at home there are some things you should do and not do so everyone can enjoy themselves now and in the future. This is about exercising common courtesy and common sense like you do at home.

Camping Etiquette Suggestions


Nobody likes being next to noisy neighbors. During the day or at night it’s a good idea not to have your music blaring away. Not everyone likes loud music or possibly your choice of music, so please keep it down.

In the quiet of the night sound travels a long way and the tent walls might keep the elements out  but they don’t keep sound in. So probably at 10 pm it’s time to remember others and keep the noise down as your neighbors will be able to hear you. At other times remember to keep the noise down too, so as not to disturb others.

Respect Space

When you are at home you wouldn’t dream of walking someone’s property. This is the same at the campground, respect other people’s pitch and don’t walk across it to get somewhere. If you respect other space they will likely respect your space too.
Also, where possible don’t set up camp too close to someone else’s camp. They have set up their camp there for a reason and being “crowded in” by someone else is not nice.

Be Tidy

Keep your camp site tidy when you are there. No-one likes to look at a mess. When it comes time to leave pick up after yourself and dispose of your trash thoughtfully. The rule when you are out in the wild is to leave no trace, i.e. you want it to look like you were never there. A final check is always a good idea to make sure you’ve got everything.

Campground Rules and Regulations

Stick to the rules of the campground, they have been set for a reason. Put your trash where they say to, drive at the speed they want, don’t wash your dishes in the bathroom, quiet hours etc. There usually isn’t too many but they have been set to help all campers have a good time.

Pets and Kids

Camping is a great place for kids. But, it is a good idea to have them not disturb other campers. With children it is good idea to help them with manners and respect for other campers.

With dogs at campsites it usually wise to keep on a leash and many campsites require it.  And be sure to clean up after them. Don’t leave them on their own

Protecting The Water Source

This is an important rule for everyone’s well being especially in the back country. You want to do your cleaning of dishes and yourself and other bathroom activities in a place that won’t contaminate your drinking water source. Also be sure to bury any waste.

Food In Its Proper Place

Store food and food waste carefully to avoid any unwelcome guests. The local wildlife is very interested in food and food scraps. Don’t store them in or near your tent. Put waste in the designated areas. Food should be stored in your car out of sight.

Thanks for reading. I hope this post hasn’t come over as “preachy”. When you are new to something you don’t know what is expected so that everyone can have fun.  By following these tips and hints on camping etiquette and being friendly you’ll be able to have fun and not spoil anyone else’s enjoyment (and maybe make some new lifelong friends).

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