Camping First Aid Kit Checklist

camping first aid kit and robot - checklist


When you are going camping it is always a wise pre-caution to bring along a first aid kit. It pays to be prepared as minor bumps, bruises, cuts and headaches can happen anyplace.  Accidents do happen, especially when you are outdoors with kids.  (See below for checklist)
An easy choice for beginners is to buy a pre-made kit. They include all the basics and come in a marked waterproof container.  These are fine for most family camping trips but if you are going on a longer more demanding trip you will need some more items.
Before buying a first aid kit or assembling your own you need to consider the following questions to determine what you will need to include:
How many people are going camping?
Who is in your party?
How long are you going for?
How far will you be away from medical help?
How difficult or demanding is the trip?

What You Need To Take

Here is a basic camping first aid checklist to get you started:

  •   First aid manual
  •   Various bandages
  •   Elastic netting or wrap
  •   Scissors
  •   Tweezers
  •   Painkillers – aspirin or Tylenol or Ibuprofen
  •   Medical tape
  •   Sterile gauze
  •   Antibiotic wipes
  •   Antiseptic cream or ointment
  •   Burn ointment
  •   Sunburn lotion
  •   Hydrogen peroxide
  •   Plastic gloves
  •   Eye wash/eye pads
  •   Snake bite kit
  •   Personal medication e.g. diabetes medicines or asthma etc
  •   Insect sting ointment
  •   Bee sting kit
  •   Band aids
  •   Poison ivy cream/cleansers
  • A well marked and waterproof container
  • Indigestion tablets
  • Whistle
  • Flashlight
  • Thermometer


Before heading off on your excursion check all the items are within their use by date.
Re-stock items that have been used or expired
Ensure all liquids are in secure containers that won’t leak.
If you are going backpacking have you first aid kit near the top of your pack for easy access in case you need it.
Store bandages, gauze pads etc in ziplock bags
Be familiar with all the items in your first aid kit and know how to use them
Read up on first aid before you go, or even better go on an approved course and stay up to date or, have someone in your party that knows first aid

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