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camping gear for a discount!

The quality of your camping gear is important to your enjoyment and safety when on your outdoor vacation. We have the best gear at best price at

Tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves, hiking gear, whatever you need. You’ll get them here on this page of the website at affordable prices.

Camping gear is important to ensuring you are well protected from the elements and also so you can have an enjoyable time. Good quality gear shows you are serious about your camping and you want to experience the best that the outdoors has to offer. You are sure to have a better experience because of it.

However, quality camping gear can be expensive. Being properly equipped costs money. A top camping manufacturer’s gear can cost serious money for the top of the line ranges. Whether that is for tents or the best sleeping bags it can cost a lot money, especially as there is a lot of different things to consider.

You can get discount camping gear if you know where to look:

It is natural to assume it is going to set your back a fair bit to be fully equipped, or even replacing old equipment. When you search online you can find a wide selection of discount camping gear online. The difficult part can be to find the best gear at the best prices.

Here on we are dedicated to finding the best deals on the best quality camping equipment.

Every single bit of camping gear that is listed here is discounted at least 25% of the listed price and right on up to 80% off or more!

Top brands….

We mean the top quality camping and hiking gear for the top manufacturers like Victorinox, Coleman, Eureka, Osprey, Zippo and more.
We go through thousands of camping products to locate the best brands, with high customer ratings at the lowest prices.  So you can live in comfort and style when you go camping.

If there is top camping gear at great discount prices you can see it here on this page.

Updated Weekly.

We update our listings every week, so be sure to come back to check them out on regular basis. This really is the best place to check out if you want to buy camping gear for the first time or replace existing gear.
Remember every piece of camping gear featured in our discount page is discounted by at least 25% so you are sure to get a real bargain whatever you pick. In addition we highlight three Camping X top picks – camping gear that is on sale right not for a minimum of 50% off and all the way up to 70% or more off.

Our Top Discounted Camping Gear Picks this week:

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