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When you are new to camping, it can seem like there are a lot of different terms. In this article we explain common camping terms in easy to understand words to help you get to grips with this pastime.

Foil Dinner – A way to prepare a meal where the food is wrapped in tin foil and placed on a grill or in the embers of the fire to cook or be heated up.

Family Tent – A large tent with room for all of the family, normally for parents and their children.

Dining fly – A large piece of waterproof material or tarp put up with poles and rope to cover an outdoor dining area to protect occupants from the rain and sun.

Campground – An area set designated for campers to set up their tent.

S’mores – A treat prepared by roasting marshmallows over a campfire and placing them and chocolate between 2 graham crackers

Primitive campground – A campground without any amenities such as toilets, bathrooms water or electricity

Fly – A piece of waterproof material placed over a tent to protect it from the rain, used in double-wall tents

3 man tent – A tent designed to sleep 3 people

4 man tent – A tent designed to sleep 4 people

3 season tent – a tent made for use during fall, spring and summer

4 season tent – a tent that can be used for camping in winter

Sleeping bag – a bed that is able to be rolled up and packed away when not in use. It is made in the shape of bag with an opening at the top and a zip down one side and the bottom for getting into and out of.

Bathtub floor – the floor of the tent is one piece of material that is waterproof and is stitched to the sides of the tent 4 – 6 inches above the ground to prevent water from seeping into the tent

Dutch Oven – A heavy cast iron pot with a lid used to cook food in a campfire. It is placed on the coals of the fire and can be used to cook or bake food including lasagna, pizza, cakes or vegetables etc.

Seam Sealer – a type of sealant used to waterproof any seams of the tent, or repair leaks and often used in conjunction with repair tape.

Dome tent – A round or oval shaped tent that utilizes 2 bendy poles that cross over at the top of the tent.

Tunnel tent – A tent designed in the shape of tunnel using bendy poles to erect it.

Camping lantern – a propane gas lantern with 1 – 2 mantles used for light when camping

Footprint or groundsheet – a piece of waterproof material that is placed on the ground for the floor of a tent.

Mummy bag – a sleeping bag tapered at both ends and is pulled a round the head just leaving only a person’s face exposed to conserve as much heat as possible.

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