How To Find A Camp Site For A Great Outdoors Vacation

good camping ground by a lake

When you go camping you need a to pick a spot to set up camp, that you will call home for the length of your stay. You need to take a bit of time to choose the right spot. It pays to analyze the area for any possible hazards and how comfortable it will be, you don’t want to be flooded out or end up sleeping on a tree root or an ant’s nest. You also need to keep in mind your camping equipment while deciding on your camp ground. What makes a good camp ground will be one that works with your various items of camping gear. For example, if your tent is flimsy and not wind proof you’ll want to keep away from windy locations.  Will you be having a camp fire? You’ll want a place that is close to dry leaves and branches. Here are some tips to help you find a camp site that is safe, exciting and fun for all concerned.

Check Out The Environment

Before you do anything else you cant to check out the surroundings. You want to see if there are any possible safety hazards that might be dangerous to life and limb. First question is to determine if your spot is on higher ground This will mean that water will drain away quickly, which is particularly important if it rains. Aside from flooding, if you have a lot of rain, if the water sticks around it might attract mosquitoes. Also, does it provide protections from strong winds? Look for rock outcroppings, tree groves or some other natural barrier to shield you from the wind Are there any dead trees? Be careful of these because they can cause an accident at any time. They can fall at any time smashing your gear or worse cause nasty injuries if they fall on someone.  They are also a fire hazard as they can easily ignite from a campfire. So, keep away from them. Don’t set your camp up at the foot of a mountain. You can get swamped by snow or there might be an avalanche.

Cut Down On Your Choices

You’ll find the best sites for camping have a few common characteristics. Being near running water like a river or stream. This helps a lot in your daily hygiene of bathing and washing up plus it can provide drinking water if you have a water filter. But, do keep away from standing water. Bad weather and storms may result in the water rising and the area becoming flooded. You want a camp site that has ample space to support your family group and or friends. If you have a large group try to spread out as much as is possible. This reduces the effect on the environment and will help it to recover quicker. You want a camping ground that will let you bathe in the morning sun and keep you sheltered from the hot afternoon sun. Look for large open areas lined with trees that you will be able to use as cover.

Keeping Safe

The great outdoors is wondrous, but it can also be dangerous place too. Watch out for poisonous plants when choosing your camp site. Watch out for plants that can cause a severe allergic reaction like poison ivy, oak or sumac. If you notice any of these around the area you are looking at, you’ll be better off looking somewhere else. Be on the guard for poison mushrooms too. If you have children with you they might eat them. You also want to stay away from termite mounds and ants nests.  Having angry fire ants down your pants is not something you want to experience. Keep yourself informed about the various things of nature to keep clear of. This knowledge will help you to have a fun and pleasant camping vacation.

The Internet

Start your research to find campsites online. You can find out about various campsites from other campers. They’ll let you know about the ones that worked out best for them. You’ll get the good and the bad. Check out as many as you can and ask as many questions as is possible too. Ask the other campers about what you need to bear in mind and any safety tips they might have and so on. But, don’t stop there. Its very easy to make your mind up about a campsite from pictures and various reviews, but to be fully informed you ought to visit the site too, if possible. Get the directions and pay the site a visit before you go camping there.

It can take some time and patience to find good camping spots. The better the camp site you choose the better your camping experience is likely to be. So before you go camping read reviews online to learn all you can about the site and ask all the questions you can about the various camping sites you are interested in. Choose a place that works for all the entire group and any particular needs they might have. If you can, go to the site and go through the checklist above to help ensure you have a fun camping vacation.

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