How To Make Campfire Smores

campfire smores - how to make them

Smores are one of the tastiest and delicious desserts you can make over a campfire. Fortunately they are also pretty simple to make, you don’t need many ingredients or materials. This traditional camping delight has been with since at least the 1920s.

If your kids haven’t experienced campfire smores, don’t deprive them any longer.  You will need the following ingredients and materials to make them:

Graham crackers
Chocolate  – milk chocolate works best because it melts the easiest – Hershey’s bar works well.
Sticks or skewers
Campfire – nice and hot.

For each smore you need two graham crackers to make a smore.

Place the graham crackers on a plate and on half of them put on the pieces of chocolate.

To roast your marshmallows, skewer them with a stick or a skewer. Next hold them over the fire and roast them over that nice hot campfire. You can gently roast them so they are lightly browned or if you like you can roast them so they are dark brown on the outside. It’s all down to your personal taste buds. If you lose a few to the fire it’s all part of the experience.

Once you have cooked the marshmallows to exactly how you like them, take them from the fire and carefully slide them on to the chocolate that is on the graham crackers.

Take the other half of the graham crackers and place them on top of the marshmallow and lightly squeeze together. Wait a few moments for the chocolate to melt and marshmallows to cool slightly. Taste and enjoy.

There are many different variations to this recipe where you can substitute white chocolate for milk chocolate, use strawberry marshmallows and cinnamon graham crackers. You can try chocolate graham crackers and chocolate marshmallows. For a minty taste try mint chocolate.

You can try toasting the graham crackers over the fire using a grill. Place the graham crackers on the grill and turn them over to toast both sides. Do this while the marshmallows are roasting, this gives a slightly crunchier tastes to the crackers.

As you are doing this around a campfire and if children are helping you make them it is a wise move to supervise them closely to prevent burns etc. It is a great fun thing that children love to make.

They are easy to make and delightful to eat. I am sure you and your children will soon be saying I want some more or is that s’more.


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