How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

opening a can without a can opener
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After a long day getting to your camp site and setting up, you are getting ready to start your meal. You have everything you need. (Or so you think)! You’ve got your can of food and you start looking for your can opener. After a few minutes of looking unsuccessfully, you ask if your fellow campers if they know where the can opener is. The answer comes back no they don’t. Oh no! Disaster – no food tonight.

Did you bring a multi-tool with an opener?  No, didn’t bring one of those either. Fortunately, all is not lost there are a number of ways to open a can without using a can opener. It also gives you an opportunity to show off your survival skills.

The most common methods usually involve stabbing a knife or other object in to the top of the can and cutting it open with a number of stabs until it is open enough to be able to get at the contents – you can use a knife, a nail, a screw or a tent stake etc. These methods can be dangerous as you can stab the hand holding the can steady and they tend to leave quite a jagged edge round the top.

Here are 3 good different ideas on opening a can without a can opener to master and help you to impress the rest of your camping party:-

Opening A Can With A Knife

You will need a decent sized knife to do this but you don’t use the tip of the blade, you will use the knife to get the can open. This video makes it look easy but it will need a bit of practice and good sturdy knife to complete.

Opening A Can Using A Spoon

If you don’t have the right knife or don’t want to use one, you can always use a spoon. This needs a bit of effort to complete especially when you are get started where it needs a lot of elbow grease to weaken the lid at one point by rubbing the spoon backwards and forwards. Even when you’ve done that it will require a fair bit of effort.

Opening A Can With A Rock

This final method needs a flat rock and looks pretty straightforward as long as you can find a flat piece of rock.It doesn’t have to be a piece of concrete as used in the video. I would have thought of doing this if I hadn’t seen the video. You open the can simply by rubbing the top of it back and forward along the rock until it wears away the rim so you can easily remove the can lid.

Being able to open a can with any of these methods will help to prevent any grief or arguments or possible going hungry. However, the easiest thing is to remember to bring the opener along and your Swiss Army knife- using a camping checklist and ticking the items off as you pack them before you leave for your camping vacation can help prevent these sort of problems!

Do you have you own favorite way of opening a can when you don’t have a can opener?

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