How to Survive a Camping Holiday

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Camping holidays can go one of two ways; they can be a wonderful excursion into nature that provide you with much-needed peace, quiet and relaxation, or they can leave you sleep-deprived, exhausted, and frustrated with your camping mate. To ensure that the former, and not the latter, applies to your camping holiday, be sure to follow the advice provided here and head into your camping holiday prepared for all possible mishaps.

Be Mentally Prepared

When setting out on a camping holiday, one thing needs to be very clear to everyone going; you are not going to a 5 star hotel in Manchester. You are not even going to a hotel, period. You are going to sleeping in a tent, not a building, in the outdoors. You won’t have a fancy shower and toilet, you won’t be dining in a restaurant, and you won’t be sleeping on a plush four post bed. None of this means you won’t enjoy yourself just as much, of course, but be absolutely certain that you have realistic expectations before you leave the comfort of your home to go camping.


Next to mindset, nothing is as important on a camping holiday as having the proper equipment. Be sure your tent has ample room, is easy and quick to set up, and has no leaks, in case of rain. It must be large enough to accommodate everyone’s bedding and belongings with some room left to maneuver around. And consider an air mattress over just a sleeping bag on the ground if you prefer a more bed-like sleep.


Dressing for the weather is never more important than on a camping holiday. Be sure you are prepared for hot, cold, sunny, and rainy weather. Have warm pajamas for cold nights, a rain coat and hat for wet weather, and clothing that you can layer to easily take off and put back on to deal with fluctuating temperatures.


Be sure to bring easy-to-prepare food items and snacks, especially if you have no experience cooking on an open fire or grill. Bringing pre-made sandwiches in a cooler will give you some easy lunches, and a cast-iron pot will allow you to boil water for coffee and heat canned food items over a fire.

Follow the advice here to ensure you are prepared for your next camping holiday, pack accordingly, and enjoy yourself!

The Author, Hugo Riddle, writes about travel destinations in the UK and has reviewed many hotels in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

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