Indoor Camping Ideas When You Can’t Get To The Great Outdoors

indoor camping - girl smiling from tent If the weather is too cold or it’s raining and you don’t like the idea of winter style camping or camping in the rain or just want to do something different you could give indoor camping a try.

Ok, so you won’t have the fun and adventure of getting back to nature and traveling somewhere different but you will avoid some of the drawbacks like having to walk a few hundred yards to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or getting bitten by the bugs.

There are a few things you can do to make it more than just sleeping in your living room and make it more like a camp out. Here are some suggestions for a fun camp in.

With little kids you can have them pack their bags in their bedroom and walk to where you are going to set up camp to get into the spirit of it all.

If you have the room you can set up an outdoor tent especially a pop up tent or a play tent. If you don’t have these you can use sheets and furniture to create your tent. Set up the sleeping bags and mats in the tents and you have your sleeping arrangements all set. If you have any pinecones or other items from the forest you can scatter them around the floor to add to the atmosphere.

If you have a working fireplace or woodstove you can light them up for your campfire. But if you don’t have that type of feature you can always light some candles to represent your campfire –it is make-believe after all.

When you go camping you don’t have the luxury of indoor lights, so if you want you can turn them off and rely on camping lanterns, headlamps and flashlights for your light.

Camp food is a big part of going camping, so should be included in your plan. Depending on your favorite food you can cook burgers and hotdogs or cook some meals in foil. For your snacks or dessert you can’t really beat s’mores. Putting the marshmallows and chocolate in the microwave can get them lightly melted and just right for going on the graham crackers for this delightful treat. Drinks can be served in canteens and thermoses for an outdoor feel.

Then there is camping activities to consider. You can play shadow shows with each person trying to make the best shadows of animals and birds etc – such as rabbits and eagles.

You can also tell stories about your past, previous camping trips, Paul Bunyan or about local history, read a story book. You could have a competition of the most imaginative story. And depending on the age of your children you can always telling a really scary story.

Other activities include drawing camping related pictures or crafts like making cards using card stock and items from nature like flowers, leaves and pine needles etc. Plus there is board games and card games you can play too.

Therefore when you can’t go camping because of the weather or other commitments have an indoor camping trip instead. Children do love this type of make-believe adventure.

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