Luxury Camping: When Camping Gets Glamorous

Luxury Camping Tent

When you start talking about, the first thing you thing of is having to rough it. This is because this is what is involved with camping. When you make your trip to the great outdoors, you do some hiking, maybe go fishing etc, and set up your tent so you can safely sleep under the stars when comes time to turn in for the night. Have you thought of visiting the great outdoors but without the living it rough part? If so, luxury camping might be just right for you.

What is It?

Luxury camping is also known as glamping (an abbreviation of glamorous camping). You get to enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature without giving up all the comforts of home you normally associate with camping. Like going without a shower for days. Cold or tepid drinks. Having to go to the bathroom behind a tree. Glamping gives you comfort and convenience, gets rid of the roughing, but still gives you the great outdoors experience. You don’t get the grimy and dirty feeling you sometimes get with ordinary camping.  So you get to trade-in those sleeping bags and cans of baked beans for fancy tent lodging with fine linens and chef-prepared meals. You are sure to be happier camping with out all the hassle and stress of camping the conventional way.

Where Can you Go?

There is quite a few different places around the world where you can savor the experience of glamping. But, some places are better suited for luxury camping than others. Does going to your own luxurious cabin tent sound appealing?Yes?  Here are some luxury camping resorts to take a look at:

* Eco Retreats, Powys, Wales – situated in more than 1000 acres in Dyfi Forest, at the end of a trail. The aim of this glamping ground is to let you reconnect with nature You stay in one of the 5 tipis and or a yurt in the middle of an oak forest and green meadows. There are evening meditation classes and close by is The Centre for Alternative Technology.

* Eco Luxury Yurt Suite, Lanzarote – this accommodation is about 20 miles from the Arrecife and is part of 9 apartment eco property group You get to sleep in king-sized double bed and lounge around in Polynesian themed day beds, when you want a rest from lying in sun on the white sands of the best just 200 yards away. Solar heated swimming and plunge pools are further ways you can chill out.

* Canna Camping Holidays, Inner Hebrides – Scotland. If you really want to get a way from the urban rate race of the city, then you can’t get much further away than this retreat on the isle that is the furthest from the mainland. There is only room for 19 people. The Isle of Canna is famous for spotting dolphins, basking sharks, minke whales and you can sometimes spot killer whales. It is also has a big population of birds to watch.

* Mongolian Yurts, Vaud, Switzerland – located at the top of Rochers-de-Naye, you have a choice of 7 yurts you can stay in. It is reached via a scenic rail trip from Montreux. The yurts are completely insulated so you are kept nice and toast warm during the snow filled winters. The yurts are decked out in authentic furniture, and are near a cliff-top restaurant that serves Mongolian fondue and you can admire glorious sunsets over Lake Geneva.

* Eco-Lodge Brejeira, Algarve, Portugal – is one of a kind and is very eco-friendly. The eco-lodges have their own showers and compost bathrooms and can sleep two at a time. When you aren’t enjoying yourself in these lodges you can take trip to the sandy beaches that are close by or you can go hiking or mountain biking on the slopes of the Brejeira.

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