Reasons To Combine Camping And Rock Climbing

reasons to go rock climbing camping and backpacking When we were young many of us enjoyed the fun of climbing – trees, rocks, just about anything. But it doesn’t just have to just for the kids. It’s a hobby that has some great advantages. Many people have already have it as a hobby. Here are some great reasons to add rock climbing to your camping activities.

Outdoors – In the same way as camping is, it is an outdoor activity that you can do some really beautiful locations. You can do it in a nearby valley, at a national park or some place in a far away corner of the world. You can find great places to climb and camp all over the world.

It really does combine well with camping and other outdoor activities like canoeing. A great way to enjoy a day of your camping trip is paddle up a river to your climbing spot. Get busy climbing and when you’ve finished paddle back to your camp and sit around the campfire telling stories with your friends and family.

Indoors: Unlike camping it is something you can do inside too, and keep it up during the winter months as well. You can find climbing facilities at many gyms and public sport centers these days. This is great for those winter months or don’t have the time to get to an outdoor climbing location.  You can practice your climbing even when the weather is bad. You’ll be well prepared for your next camping and rock climbing excursion.

Graded: There are different grades of rock climbing routes This lets you know how difficult the climb is expected to be. This helps you know how to choose a camping site. When you start out you will be climbing the lowest graded climbs. But, as you get more experienced and better and climbing you will move on to the more difficult routes. This system of grading helps you to monitor your progress and let you know how much you have improved and be able to compare yourself with hour friends.

You don’t have to compete. In rock climbing you don’t compete against others. You usually only compete against your  previous results to see if you can better them. It is a physically demanding sport but it is mentally relaxing because of the nature of the competition. Your focus is just on yourself and the rock. It gives you the opportunity to take your focus off the pressures daily life and on to the rock in front of you.

Competitive: But if you want to be competitive there are options for this too. The competitions are normally held indoors. The activity is split into rounds and you score points based on speed and where you reached and other scoring actions.

Fitness: Various camping activities provide you with the opportunity for fun and improving your fitness. Adding rock climbing to your camping trips gives you a demanding and challenging activity that is great fun and improve your fitness.  You get to exercise every part of your body from your finger tips to end of your toes – everything is needed. Nothing gets a free ride – your arms, back, shoulders, core, glutes and legs will get a workout.

If you want to get serious you are probably going to need to add a fitness training regimen to get better at climbing.  To be an advanced climber you need to combine endurance with overall body strength. But you can still enjoying it without taking it that seriously.

These are just some of the reasons why people include climbing with their camping trips and why you should think about taking it up too. Rock climbing is great fun, good for both your body and mind and combines well with camping. Because the climbing routes are graded it is something all the family can engage in as well, provided you take the necessary precautions, of course. Why not add rocking climbing to your hobby of camping? What have you got to lose? It’s great way to spend some time on your next camping trip.

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