The Advantages Of Dome Tents

reasons to buy dome tents

Dome tents are very popular these days. On any campground you visit they will outnumber the other types of tents. They come in various sizes and there is some variation in design, but there are plenty of different colors. The simplest design is two long poles in a hoop shape that cross in the middle with the fabric of the tent attached. Most of these tents include a rain fly to help keep you dry when it rains.
They must be popular for a reason and here are some of the main advantages of dome tents:


One thing you will notice that you can pick up a cheap dome tent for less than $30 for a two man tent that if looked after properly could last for many years. You can pick up a good 6 man tent for around a $100.

Set Up

They are straightforward to set up and one person can easily manage on their own. It can be set up in only a few minutes once you have done it a few times. The first time may take a little longer, but is not difficult, it is just the learning curve effect.

It is a simple matter of sliding extensible poles through the tent fabric and sticking a metal catch into each end to keep them in securely and this forms the dome. The groundsheet is usually sewn in, so that is all done for you too.

In theory you don’t need to stake it down once you have your gear stowed inside. Whether you do or not is a personal choice. I always do.

You just need your sleeping pad and sleeping bag and you are all set for a good night’s sleep.

Taking the tent down is as straightforward and only takes a few minutes also. They are normally sold with a bag to put them in, so storage is easily done. This also makes them easy to transport.

Weather proof

Most dome tents include a rain fly, and a bathtub design groundsheet you are protected from the rain. The shape of the tent also helps to divert the rain off the tent. The design of the tents can also help it withstand strong winds with the wind blowing over it.
They are also tend to be well ventilated, so can help stop the buildup of condensation inside the tent.


In some of taller dome tents it is possible to stand up in the center of the tent, but as the sides slope there is less room there. But, many of the designs now have separate sleeping quarters around a central dome providing plenty of room for everyone.

There you have it the benefits of dome tents. One of the things to  be aware of it the weight if you are going backpacking. They can be heavy to carry any distance. Using aluminum poles can help to lighten the load.

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