The Five Top Best Camping Locations

great barrier reef - best camping location!

Working out when camping started would be a difficult process as our ancestors would have been camping as their normal way to live. If you go far enough back they didn’t have houses so the great outdoors was their home They were “at one” with nature. Now back in our time we have our safe and sturdy houses that provide us much more comfort and protection from the elements.

Yet, many of us still enjoy the fun of camping. fortunately, for those of us who enjoy this type of vacation there are still camping locations around the world that are still relatively free of the harmful effects of civilizations. You can head off to these locations and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of nature. Today, camping is easier than ever with state of the art tents, sleeping bags, LED flashlights, portable stoves, first aid kits, solar panel chargers and other latest innovative camping equipment.

As part of your list of things to do before you die you might want to put on going to the  most beautiful camping locations in the world. When looking at what makes the best camp grounds you don’t want to just consider how beautiful they are. You want to also consider how accessible it is and how convenient it is for living their for a short time. You need a way to head back to civilization easily when it is needed. You don’t need a five star hotel but you do want to be able to live there in some comfort. Here are 5 best camping sites from around the world that get highly recommended by camping fans.

Banjara Camp – Himalayas, Tibet

To get to Banjara Camp you need to climb a high mountain – 2700 meters in total. The climb is well worth the effort to get to the top of it. When you get there you come upon the dazzling blue Baspa River and amazing rock structures with white tips. This is a very beautiful spot, I don’t think you’ll see any other place this stunning. It can get really cold at night in the Banjara Camp because of the altitude. So be prepared for the cold There are fully furnished tents and bath areas provided.  There is running water available at all times. At night time you can spend it round the campfire, enjoying the breezes from the Himalayas and tuck in to bbq delights. Its also a good place to go trout fishing with a stunning backdrop.

La Brouquere Camps, France

You’ll find La Brouquere situated in Gondrin, Midi-Pyrenees, France. The motto of La Broqueres means “Arrive as a quest leave as friend” This is one of the reasons it is recommended as one of the world’s best camping locations. If you are a lover of fine food is the spot for you. It is world renown for it foie gras. In addition to the wonderful fields of grape vines and sunflowers, it makes a great place to start a tour and sampling of duck related food items (like sausages, jams and tarts). tarts, jams, sausages). When you’ve finished trying the food you can take time to relax in a hot tub or pool or you can sit back and take in the grandeur of the French mountains.

Mombo Safari Camp, Botswana

Make sure to add this camp to your must see list if you want to interact and with magnificent animals of Africa. It is must if you are an animal lover. The Camp is located in  Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta in the North of Botswana. This gets such a high ranking because you get to see a large number of game animals and predators like lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffe and buffaloes in their natural habitat. This is really a top drawer experience on offer at Mombo Safari Camp At night time you camp out in a protected area and watch the night sky with it myriad of sparkling stars.

Bahia Honda, Florida

This is one of the best camping locations in North America and the world. You get two for the price of one at this camp. On one side of the park you have many hiking and nature trails and on the other you have the beautiful Atlantic seaside. It has first class amenities but has not yet been over commercialized yet. It is the least commercialized resort of the Florida Keys.  But, you can rent everything you need for camping from the park.  If you are looking serenity and peace then this is the right spot for you.

Cairns Coconut Camping Site, Australia

If you are searching for a tropical garden experience in a rainforest that is also comfort you definitely want to consider this camp. You can select from various types of camping arrangements. You have a choice of setting up your own tent or choose from one of the pitches that has a bathroom and a barbeque Once you have settled in, try one of the breathtaking tours. You can sample the best of what Australia’s wildlife and nature has to offer with tours of the Great Barrier Reef and wildlife.

You get a great choice of different types of accommodation when you visit these best camping grounds for beauty in the world.  You’ll live in touch with nature and have the best time.

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