The Right Camping Cooking Equipment To Cook Some Delicious Meals

camp cooking supplies for great tast meals

Camp cooking is one of the highlights of going camping. The aromas from cooking smell all the better when you are cooking outside and it tastes better too. Whether you’re cooking over a campfire or using a camp stove it is hard to beat it. Either way you’ll need the right camping cooking equipment to get the best results.

To work out what camp cooking gear you need to take there are a few things to consider first:

1. What meals are you going to prepare while you are away? If you have your meals planned this will help you decide on what to take.
2. Does the campground you are going to allow campfire cooking or are their restrictions on the use of campfires? This will change what you need to take because of any restrictions or bans in place.
3. What type of camping are you doing? Is it car camping or backpacking? When you go car camping you can take a lot more with you and it can weigh more than if you are backpacking.

Anyway assuming you can cook over a campfire the camp cooking suppliers you’ll want to consider taking are:
- Cast iron toastie maker – these work great with a long handle for making those tasty toasted sandwich snacks with ham and cheese or whatever your favorite filling is.
- If you like to grill you’ll want to take along a grill for placing over the campfire so you can cook up some sausages, burgers, steaks etc.
- You can take long steel skewers for cooking sausages or roasting marshmallows over the campfire or some long sticks will do just as well.
- A Dutch oven – these are really one of the most versatile camp cooking gear you can bring along with you. You can cook everything from stews or lasagna to baking pizza or bread or apple cobblers and more.
- Maybe a tripod for hanging your camp kettle over the fire for boiling water for coffee or maybe purifying it.

If you are car camping you can bring along some sophisticated camp stoves that are almost like bringing your kitchen along with you. It is important to choose one that fits your budget and what you’ll want to be using it for. When you are new to the camping experience these camp stoves can be very important as relying on a campfire for cooking can be a frustrating experience as it requires a bit of planning and usually needs a bit of practice to get it right.

A 2 burner camp stove is great for car camping. You want one that is simple and easy to setup so you can get cooking straightaway. Either a propane or butane is fine but make sure to bring along enough to last you. There is nothing more frustrating than running out of fuel halfway through cooking your evening meal. Try the stove out before you go camping to make sure you have all the parts and everything works.

The cookware you bring along should have tight fitting lids so that they keep the heat in and speed up the cooking process so you don’t use too much fuel in the process.

Aluminum and non-stick cookware can help with carrying the equipment and also in the cleaning up process. If you can it is a good idea to get cookware and other camping cooking gear that can pack into itself to save space. If you’ve got the space pack it in to plastic containers to stop the insects and other wildlife from getting into it.

With a little planning and preparation along with the right camping cooking equipment you can have a wonderful time cooking your meals at your next camping adventure.

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