Tips For Camping On A Budget

tips for camping on a budget - jars Camping is a great way to have a fun family vacation without having to breaking the bank.  Having said that, the cost can mount up quickly if you aren’t careful especially with all the gadgets and accessories you can add on. Also, the first year you decide to go camping there are a number of camping essentials you need to get.  Once you have them if you look after them they can last you for years.

To help you save, here are 9 tips on camping on a budget to save you money

1.    To limit the amount you spend when you first start make a camping checklist of the things you have to have for the type of camping you are going to do. This way you don’t buy more than you need or have to buy things that you have forgotten to bring along.

2.    For your first time, you can try to borrow items from friends and family. Also, instead of buying sleeping bags you can bring your blankets and other bed clothes and make do, as long as you appreciate that they might get a bit dirty.

3.    You can find cheap camping gear buy checking online, at malls and outlet stores if you buy in the off-season or other sales. Check Craigslist, freecycle and eBay.  Thrift stores, Salvation Army and Goodwill can be a good source as well. Also, check yard sales and garage sales – you might get lucky.

4.    If you aren’t traveling around you can check with the campground to see if they give a discount for booking for a week rather than booking a night at a time. Compare prices online at sites like to see if they are offering any discounts.

5.    To keep travel costs down choose a campground close to home. Also, avoid the most popular campgrounds so as not pay a premium for the privilege. Some of the campgrounds that aren’t as popular can be just as enjoyable but at a reduced cost.

6.    Plan you meals for the week and prepare some of it at home. Bring all your can and non-perishable food with you. It will be cheaper than buying meals and food from the concessions at the site. Also, the food sold in small town stores does tend to be more expensive.

7.    Care for any gear you buy. For example, if you practice good tent care it will last you for many years. This is the same with any of your gear.

8.    Try cooking over a campfire. This can work out cheaper than cooking using gas. Even though you may need to buy wood for the fire at the site, it is normally cheaper than the cost of gas. You can save up lint at home to use as the tinder for starting your fire. Make sure you know the rules on campfires before you light one.

9.    Plan a number of camping games and activities with your kids that don’t involve renting equipment while at the site. You can stargaze, play tag football, go hiking, play cards, tell stories, and learn survival skills and more.

With a little planning and preparation you can have many cheap camping trips that you and your family will remember fondly for many years.


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