Tips For Camping With Teenagers

camping with teenagers tips

Camping with teenagers can seem a very daunting prospect. At times they can appear like they are from another planet or they have lost the ability to communicate.  What they used to like no longer holds their interest.

But even with these challenges it can still be fun, it just takes some planning, understanding and encouraging. It is important to get the right balance between the needs of the family and the wants of the teenager to get the most out of the tramp.

Here are some camping ideas for teenagers to help to involve them in the trip:

1.    Realize they are going to need their own space. Give them the opportunity to go off on their own or stay on their own.

2.    Stay at a camping ground with a pool, a rec room, general store and some sort of entertainment that will help them meet other teenagers

3.    Let them bring along some of the vital items they can’t do without like video games or may be their cell phones. If you want to have certain rules about using them, set those up front.

4.    Many campgrounds offer the chance for going kayaking and canoeing, or cycling. These are fun activities that many teenagers enjoy and will participate in.

5.    Get them to help build a campfire. Just about everyone loves to build one. From gathering the firewood to building it, to lighting and then cooking on it. If you want you could encourage them to see if they can start it without using matches.  Remember to have the ingredients for smores as these make a great dessert they are going to enjoy preparing and eating.

6.    Have them plan and cook one or two meals, either over the campfire or on the camp stove. You can even let them decide on the meal to have them more involved. Cooking outdoors always seems more fun than cooking at home, even if it is actually harder. Just make sure you have some easy camping recipes they can follow.

7.    Camp near an amusement park where you can walk to it. This might not be the great outdoors but they are likely to enjoy this. And you don’t have to do this everyday.

8.    Have them bring along a friend so they have someone their own age to talk to, as this is very important at this age, as you may remember.

9.    Let them help decide where you are going to camp this year. Involve them in the decision making process.

10.    Family board games. These are a great way to involve everyone in a family activity that everyone enjoys. They can play amongst themselves or with parents or the younger children.

There are camping games and activities for teenagers run at some campgrounds that will help them to get involved and meet some people their own age. This helps them cope with being away from their friends.

Camping with teenagers can be more difficult in some ways but it still can be fun, and both parties may need to make compromises to make it work successfully.  It involves some planning and thinking but it can be a great time for quality time for the family in the relaxed atmosphere of the great outdoors.

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