Tips On Winter Camping In A Tent

winter camping in the snow

The winter is both a problematic and enjoyable experience for the camping fan. If you have not gone winter camping before you are in for some new challenges and encounters. You’ll need to have your warmest clothing, sleeping gear, good quality tent and lots of great food.

If you plan to go to a remote location then hiking in your snow shoes is an enjoyable way to get there. They will make it much easier to walk on the snow because of the larger surface area you won’t me sinking into it. Or you could try cross-country skiing to your camping location. Many campers really like this option.

In the winter you will see all the animals in their winter fur, which will give them a different look. As well as the animals being different, the scenery is going to be different too. The trees are going to be bare, but you’ll also see the different bird life that are made for the winter cold.

Winter camping is no fun if you are not warm, and this is something you do need to plan for. You will want to bring with you thermal underwear, wool gloves and socks, and a warm coat. In addition a stocking hat and hand warmers are well worth bringing along also. In the middle of your tent away from anything that could burn set up your camping heater. There are a number of different types of heaters available with the kerosene heater being one of the popular types. When you look to choose your sleeping bag you will need to know what temperatures you may experience while you are out camping, so you can get the one that is rated for those temperatures.

A good idea is to get dressed in your sleeping bag, to preserve warmth, rather than getting out into the cold to get dressed in the morning. The ventilation in most tents means that they don’t hold on to the temperature that long. To help keep in the warmth for a while longer you can put a tarp over it and fasten it down with tent pegs.

There are less people who go camping in the winter, so your favorite spot is going to be free but also going to be quiet and peaceful. Winter camping is going to work out great for you if you like the peace and quiet and there not being a lot of people around your camping spot. During the winter months you will probably find some great deals online and at stores as the retailers try to improve sales during these quieter months. So why not go winter camping and soak up the new sights and enjoy the peace and quiet of the season.



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