Top 10 Hiking With Kids Posts

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There are a number of great reasons to go hiking with kids. It’s healthy, it can be a great time to bond, it’s challenging in a positive way and can build in them a good appreciation of nature -  to name just a few.

It can  be a wonderful experience for everyone if you are properly prepared. But, unfortunately it can be a miserable time for all involved when you’re not.

So, to help to make sure you have the best experience with hiking with your children, in this post, I’ve assembled the best posts as shared by 10 top outdoor bloggers.

father and son hiking

How I Introduced My Son (and Myself) to Backpacking by Tom Murphy


In this post from Section Hiker, Tom Murphy goes through the stages of introducing your child to hiking and backpacking from toddler through to the age of 14.
With an emphasis on fun and enjoyment this makes this an easy to do method over a number of years that will ensure you all like it. They are 10 keys to doing this successfully.
The post also includes examples of hikes for different ages.
And it may mean your children will pass the experience on to your grandchildren…
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10 Tips for Toddler Trail Training

From My Life Outdoors

Getting your kids used to hiking early on in their life makes it easier for them to enjoy the experience as they get older. It seems 5 months old is not too young to start your first full day hike.
The hike needs to be manageable for you and your toddler. You will find you need to pack more than you normally would to make sure you all enjoy it the “training”.
Here are 10 useful tips here with examples on successful toddler trail training.

The full post here….

5 Tips To Get Kids Excited


Kids can have a low boredom threshold and sometimes need a little help in getting them interested in going on a hike. Also, they need some help in keeping them engaged once they are on the hike. Here are 5 ways you can keep them excited with printable activity charts to help

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5 reason to bring friends

5 Reasons to Bring Along Friends


A great way for you and your children to have fun is to share the experience with friends. Just about everything is more fun with good friends.

Hiking is no different. In this post are 5 good reasons to bring some friends along for your kids and yourself that will help you have a more enjoyable trek.

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Making A Kid’s Survival Kit


It is important to teach kids about safety, especially when they are young and when venturing into the great outdoors. It helps to form good habits that will help them when they’re older and going further afield.

By way of video you can see what should be included and why with the help of an able assistant

Read and watch it here ….

can do kids

“Can do’s” for a “Can’t do” child…


Do you ever hear the words “I can’t” from your child? I know I have and it is frustrating to say the least. It’s important to do things to change the words to “I can.”

One of those things that you can do is to go on a hike to help develop their self confidence.

In this post you can read a real life experience rather than theory. You may want to enlist Bob The Builder’s help to be successful.

Read about it here….


7 Reasons We’re Hooked on Geocaching


Most kids, if not all, are hooked on electronics these days. They also like going on treasure hunts. If you combine the 2 with the great outdoors and you have geocaching.

If you have not heard of it or not tried it, Debi gives 7 great reasons to try it out with your kids. It is them hiking with a purpose; and your kids might not even realize they’re hiking! Also included are links to great resources to help you get started with geocaching.

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The Cold Sucks? Try Winter Hiking In Alaska. Yeah, with Children.

From Adventure Parents & Taiga Trekkers

Just because it’s cold outside isn’t a reason to not go hiking with your children. Get some friends together and do some planning, take precautions and you can all have a great time exploring this cold but beautiful environment just like the Taiga Trekkers in Alaska.

When you are prepared, with friends doing something you enjoy the temperature doesn’t matter!

The full post is here and visit Taiga Trekkers here

5 Easy Snacks for Hiking Kids

When you go hiking it is important to keep your kids energy up. No-one enjoys being hungry and when you’re young it seems worse especially on a hike and you don’t know when it is going to end. The only way to cope for kids in these circumstances, it appears, is to make their parents pay.
Don’t let yourself be one of those parents, take along these 5 easy snacks for hiking kids. Everyone enjoys themselves more when they have content stomachs.
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Highpoint: Maine. Katahdin (5268 ft). August 31, 2011


This is an interesting and enjoyable description of a mom and her 2 young daughters hike up Maine Katahdin. It has lots of great photos of the hike to look a.

I like the line in this post -  “it’s not a real hike unless there’s mud or blood.”

Also, after awhile it’s the parent holding the children up. Patricia Ellis has also written a book about their experiences which you can see by clicking the image

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Also please let us know if you have any tips you think have been  missed by our expert bloggers or have any questions or comment below.

I hope this post has helped when you go for hiking with the kids and you have a fun and safe time when. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

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If you want further resources on hiking or camping with kids a great book to check out is Jennfier Aists Babes In The Woods about introducing babies and toddlers to the outdoors. You can see it by clicking here … Or you could try Rob Bignell’s Hike With Tikes – you can read more about it here

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