Top 14 Resources On What To Do If You Get Lost When Hiking Or In The Wilderness

getting lost and what to do about it

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Getting lost when you go hiking is something that both new and experienced hikers fear. It is a challenging and anxious time.  But it is a time for being calm and taking the right actions that will help you get out and any rescue party find you.

Having the best information and knowledge will go a long way to helping you make the right decisions and get you home.

So, to help you know what to do if you have got lost when hiking, here are techniques and strategies on what to do to make sure you are survive and are rescued as detailed by some of the best outdoor and survival bloggers.

Please leave your comments below of anything that may have been overlooked or any questions that you might have. Be sure to visit each of the blogs and leave a comment.

Learning from others experience

1. Ill Prepared Glacier Park Hikers owe their lives to rescue workers from Tony Byrnum Photography

Each year hikers get lost and are rescued.Recently two hikers were lost in Glacier Pike and fortunately they were rescued even though they made a number of mistakes. In this post  by Tony Bynum from Tony Bynum Photography you can learn about situational awareness and what you should do from this review of a real life rescue. Continue reading ….

Being Prepared And Avoid Getting Lost

2. How to Avoid Getting Lost and What to Do if You are Lost from Camp Road Trip

The first thing you can do about getting lost is to take preparation before you start your hike and take step to ensure you don’t get lost. But you should also be prepared in case you do by having the right equipment In this post from Camp Road Trip it gives you the hiking essentials, avoiding getting lost and some steps to take if you do get lost. Continue reading …

If You Are Lost

3. Getting Found from the Hiking Dude

So, despite your best efforts you’ve got lost.What do do now? In this post from the Hiking Dude you learn about the importance of the right attitude, what you should do as soon as you realize you are lost (using the important acronym STOP) and the steps you need to take to ensure you survive until you are found including dealing with fear and loneliness, thirst and hunger, exhaustion, heat and cold etc. You can continue reading here

Dealing With The Psychological Factors

4. The Psychology Of Survival from Peak Survival

Your mental attitude can make a big difference in whether you survive. In this post from Peak Survival you learn about the mental challenges faced when you are lost and what you can do to overcome them, so you have the best chance of being found. With these techniques it will help you put in to place the skills you have learned.  Read it here …

5. How Your Mind Affects Your Ability to Survive from Off Grid Survival

In many circumstances the people that aren’t expected to survive do, and people that are expected to, don’t. Why is that? In this post from Off Grid Survival it discusses the mindset needed to ensure survival and what you can do to develop it. Without this your survival knowledge may unfortunately go to waste. Continue reading …

Drinkable Water

6. Finding Water by Wilderness Survival Skills

If you don’t have water then you can survive for only a few days. You need to drink often as you lose up to a gallon of water a day. In this post from Wilderness Survival Skills it gives you tips and techniques on how to find water, the contaminants that can be found in water and techniques to eliminate them . Continue reading …

7. How To Purify Water – Water Purification Process by Nature Skills

Although you might be able to find water, your next question will be is it safe to drink? Unfortunately many times the answer is no. In this article by Nature Skills they give you 4 tried and tested ways you can purify water to make it safe to drink, plus how to distil salt water for safe drinking. Common sense is needed in choosing your source of water. Continue reading …

The Cold

8. The Dangers of Heat and Cold: Hypothermia by Wilderness Utah

Our body’s optimal heat is 98.6 and our body has a number of things it does to keep it close to that range including shivering when cold. This article from Wilderness Utah gives an overview of what happens when you start to develop hypothermia and the various actions you can take to treat it so it doesn’t worsen. Continue reading…

9. Cold Weather Survival by Wilderness Survival

Surviving in cold weather is one of the most difficult scenarios. It can affect you in many ways including decreasing your ability to think and to do anything other than keep warm. In this comprehensive post from Wilderness Survival you get information on windchill, basic principles, hygiene, hypothermia, frostbite etc. Continue reading…

Keeping your body temperature at 98.6 degrees is  important in survival as you can die in hours if your body temperature dips below it. The book 98.6 degrees The Art Of Keeing Your Ass Alive by Cory Lundlin it discusses the techniques that will keep you alive. You can check it out at Amazon by clicking here.


10. How To Build A Fire by Wild Backpacker

A fire is needed for a number of reasons including warmth, cooking food, boiling water etc. It can be difficult to build one if you don’t have matches. In this post from the Wild Backpacker they go through how to construct a fire, methods for starting a fire and how to put it out. Continue reading …

11.Fire Starting by The Campfire Dude

If you don’t have matches there are a number of different ways you can start a fire. They are not as easy as matches but can be done. The Campfire Dude goes through the ways you can start a fire and how to do it. Continue reading …


12. Shelter by Practical Survival

Shelter plays an important part in protecting yourself from the elements. This in itself can help your mental attitude – getting out of the rain or wind can give you a nice boost to how you feel. In this post the Practical Survivor gives you 5 different types of shelter you can build and how to set them up. Continue reading …

13.Shelters by Wildwood Survival

Constructing shelters can become a bit involved to make sure it can stand up to the elements. Here Wildwood Survival provides diagrams and instructions to help you see what is involved in making your shelter so it can stand up to nature and help keep you protected. Continue reading …


14. Signaling: More Than Smoke and Mirrors by Life View Outdoors

Signaling is the best way to ensure you get found quickly. Fortunately it is not difficult to do. In this article by Life View Outdoors they go through 6 ways you can signal to help searchers find you quickly and safely. Continue reading …

I hope this post has helped you in understanding what to do if you get lost when hiking. Let us know below.

The blogs and websites featured here all have many great posts on survival and/or hiking and they are worth checking out for some great information.

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