Top Camping Gadgets to Make Your Vacation Even More Fun

swiss army knife - a camping gadget You need to have the right gear with you to make the most of camping. It can be great fun But, if you don’t go with the right stuff it can turn out to be a frustrating and disappointing experience. You leave behind your air conditioning, heating, your bed, hot showers or baths to rough it. Your camping trip will be more fun and easy if you take along some top camping gadgets.

They will help to take away some of the stress that comes with camping when you don’t have the right gear. If you make a mistake when out in the wild it can have dire results.  If you take the gadgets we have here you’ll have more fun and a safer trip.

Swiss Army Knife  

When choosing your camping gear you want to have those that can be used in a number of ways. The more versatile they are the better. When you are doing a lot of walking, you do not want to take too much with you, so if you take an item that can do a nubmer of things can really be a big help. You don’t get much more versatile than a Swiss Army knife. The more tools it contains the better it is. And you can get lots with it. You really want to have one that has a magnifying glass, can opener, wood saw, scissors and a knife blade. You can use them to open cans, help start a fire, cut ropes, fillet fish and more. (They are really handy and have been with us for more than 100 years and they can even come with a USB stick).

Solar Panel Charger  

Your mobile phones can be an important device when you are out camping. They need to be kept charged to be useful. And on long camping trips your flashlight batteries can lose their charge. Additional batteries can be expensive and inconvenient to bring along. A Solar Panel Charger can help keep your gadgets fully charged. They normally use the USB port of the device to charge it. Depending on the model you buy they can fully charge dead or AA or NiMH batteries in around hours.  This was you can be sure not to be stuck out in the wild without a working phone.

Emergency Fire Starters  

Starting a fire can be frustrating experience, especially when you are new to the experience. The smartest campers don’t just bring along matches or a lighter with them they also have emergency fire starters for the unexpected events. When your matches are wet and lighter runs out of gas you don’t want the only source of warmth to be your hands or eating cold food. You can have a fire started in seconds with these emergency fire starters. They use magnesium rods and a striker to get it started, and they don’t take up much room at all.

LED Flashlight

When you are out camping light from a flashlight can be vital, for getting around at night. Although regular flashlights are good, LED flashlights are better because they light up bigger area and use batteries more efficiently.  Don’t leave home without one. You’ll want a flashlight for trips at night, for whatever reason and for when you are searching for something in your bag or pack.

Guy Line LEDS

Guy lines can be one of the most annoying things at night. You can’t see them and they can trip you up if your unlucky. Almost everyone manages to trip themselves up at sometime or another. They make getting around the outside of your tent or other tents difficult. A great idea to stop this from happening around your tent is guy line LEDs. You attach these to your guy ropes. They not only highlight the guy ropes they also light up the area around it too.

So now you have 5 top camping gadgets that will make your camping trip easier and more enjoyable. They’ll let you have a safer trip by being properly equipped for the unexpected.

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