What Is Geocaching? An Introduction To This New Hobby

What Is Geocaching?

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Geocaching is fast developing into one of world’s most popular pastimes. It’s not hard to see why. It brings together technology, being outside, brainpower and treasure hunting skills. Who can resist the fun of a treasure hunt? This all makes it an ideal camping activity to keep you and your children occupied. It can add some more interest to hiking if you are struggling to get the kids to put one foot in front of the other.

There are over 5 million people participating in this new craze. But not many people know much about it and you are not alone in asking “What is geocaching?”

It is a treasure hunting with a digital upgrade or hiking with purpose.

A fuller geocaching definition is – It is an outdoor pursuit where use a GPS enable device is used to find a hidden item called a geocache.

Geocache definition – it is generally a small waterproof container that has a “small trinket” and a log book that has been hidden. The idea is when you track down the geocache you can take the trinket as long as you replace it with something of the same value. You then put the cache back where you found it for the next person to locate it. And so it goes.

To take part in this activity and add some excitement to your next hike you need to:

1.    Have a GPS enabled device

2.    Log on to www.geocaching. Com

3.    Get the co-ordinates of geocaches in locations near where you are staying

4.    Check out the geocaching rules at the website

5.    Start tracking down your geocache

6.    Be sure to stay alert to your surroundings as you go on your treasure hunt

7.    Find the geocache open it up swap your trinkets if you like, and enter details into the logbook.

8.    Put the geocache back where you found it.

9.    Make a note of your findings so you can put the detail on the geocache website

Getting to within 20 feet of the treasure is relatively straightforward. It’s the last 20 feet where you may struggle to locate the hidden treasure. This is because most GPS devices are only accurate to within 20 feet of the location. So, this is where the fun really begins.

Geocaches are graded according to difficulty, so it is always good to start with the easy ones first.

Some of the geocaches contain trackables or travel bugs. The idea behind these is that you take them with you when you find one and record it on the website.  It should then be left at the next geocache you find. The objective is to keep them moving on as fast as possible and to track their movements.

This great idea of using a GPS to find hidden treasure only started in 2000 put is quickly catching on as a fascinating hobby. It is a simple concept with a “treasure to find” and it is really an ideal activity for when you are enjoying the great outdoors by yourself, with family or friends. If you are interested in this fun pastime you can find a starter kit with GPS at Amazon by clicking here

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