What Is Yurt Camping And Why You Should Consider Trying It

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Yurt camping is not something everyone has heard about. It can be a great family vacation idea for experiencing the great outdoors without the hassle of tent camping. (Tent camping is great too).  You get to be outdoors in a more solid structure than a tent and you don’t have to set it up.

A yurt tent is a circular dome shaped structure made from canvas and wood.  They are originally from Mongolia and places like that. But you can now find them in many campsites in America. The ones you find in America typically have wooden floors, furniture and heating. In terms of accommodation they sit somewhere between a tent and a cabin.

Typically they will include a double bed and a bunk bed and can sleep 4 and can sleep up to six if your bring your own sleeping gear. But the larger ones have room for 2 and fully accommodated for. But some do include a camping stove. Normally you need to do cooking outside the yurt and they don’t include a toilet in the tent. Pricing can vary depending on the standard as you can go from basic to luxury camping or glamping and the season you book. It is more expensive than staying in a tent but it is cheaper than a cabin.

Here are some reasons why you might want to try yurt camping:

1.    You have a lockable door. This can be a great comfort and you are more secure than with a tent.

2.    Great for winter camping. The walls of the yurt are insulated to keep out the cold and they come with a heater.

3.    You don’t have to pitch your tent. You can just throw in your gear and you are ready to go exploring the surroundings.

4.    Kids love them or so I’ve found. It makes them think they have gone back in the past without losing any of the modern conveniences.

5.    If one of you isn’t too keen on tent camping this makes a great win-win for both of you as it is a cross between a tent and a cabin.

6.    It is still relatively inexpensive. It does cost more than camping in a tent but are cheaper than a cabin. The less popular sites can be real bargains, and you want to keep them to yourself when you find a good one.

7.    There are plenty of places that offer yurt camping, with some great resources online to help you make your decision.

8.    You need a whole lot less gear than tent camping. Some provide bedding as well as beds, plus cooking and eating utensils. So less packing and planning required,

9.    You are still outside in the outdoors and can hear the sounds of the wildlife and the trees.

10.    They are built to withstand the weather. No worries about waking up in a puddle because your tent has lost its waterproofing. Dampness from the rain not such an issue because you can heat the yurt.

11.    If your yurt has a skylight you can see the stars from the comfort of your bed and if it is warm enough you can open it up and really soak up the wonder.

12.   Many come with a fire pit so you can do campfire cooking and sit outside round the fire singing songs and telling stories.

There you are, that is what yurt camping and why you should check it out. Whether you are a tent camping enthusiast or not it’s worth trying it out.

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