What You Need For Camping

what you need for camping!

To make camping trips enjoyable and not stressful you’ll want camping equipment you can rely on. When you are out in the “wild” many of the basic amenities you rely on when at home aren’t available to use, you are going to take some of these basic utilities along with so you can enjoy and “survive” you trip to the wilderness.

Experienced campers will already know what you need to go camping. But, if you are new to the whole experience of camping, there are few items of essential camping gear without being weighed down by too much equipment. Of course, your destination and what is provided there (if anything) will be an important factor in working out what you need to take along with you.

So what do you need to go camping?

Tents - Although sleeping under the stars can be a fun experience you just don’t know when the rain is going to come pouring down. There is also wildlife that comes out at night, like mosquitoes and other insects plus there are rodents and possibly even snakes. This makes a tent an essential camping equipment item because it provides comfortable shelter on your camping trip.  It can also help to provide protection from all the elements.  you want to make sure the tent is big enough to accommodate all the people going on the trip and that it is indeed waterproof. Before you embark on your trip it is a good idea to practice putting it up, taking it down and packing it away.

Stove - You are going to want something to cook on, boil water for coffee, heat things up.  It is a must for hot and cooked food while you are out and about, for breakfast and dinner. You can find many different portable ones, and the rechargeable varieties as a rule are lighter than gas powered styles.

First Aid Kit - This is an essential item for any of those unexpected things that can happen while out camping. There may be a need to clean and bandage some scrapes and wounds to stop them from getting infected. May be you’ll need to offer some assistance someone that is suffering from fatigue or heat exhaustion.  Keep one handy with you, so if the need arises you’ll “be prepared”  There are many items you can have in the first aid kit but a few of the useful items are – bandages, plasters, spray or antiseptic wipes to clean and prevent infection of wounds, cream to relieve stings and sunscreen.

Water and Food – A bit obvious this, and although technically not equipment, they are essential items. Without them it is impossible to keep your energy up for your trip to the wild. They can weigh a lot and some people rely on their skills at hunting and fishing to feed them. If you are worried about the weight of food you can buy freeze-dried meals, however, most campers prefer canned food like baked beans for their meals. They are easy to prepare and can last your whole trip.

Cookware - This is required to effectively cook your meals over the stove or camp fire Your cookware can double up as dining ware too, so this save on space and reduces the time needed to cleanup after the meal. Cookware also help to reduce the amount of mess you leave behind which can often happen when you’re camping.

Stake Remover and Mallet - These are a must when you have a tent. It makes the whole job of setting up your tent properly quicker and allow you to take your tent down much more efficient as well.

Flashlight - There is a lot less light available out in the wild than in urban areas. You are going to need light in the middle of the night for any trips you might need to do or looking for something in your pack. At least a couple of flashlights are probably needed to be able to make your way safely at night time. Test the batteries before you embark on the trip and take some spares if you have the space.

You might find your biggest problem is what to leave behind. Once you’ve got all the essential items together, you can think about what non-vital items you want to take with you. Bear in mind that you may need to carry your stuff quite a distance, this may help you determine what to take with you and what to leave behind. Also, remember a big part of the fun is making do with little and getting back to nature and only taking just what you need for camping

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